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Nike first signed Michael Vick for an endorsement deal in his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons.  After he admitted his involvement with an illegal dog fighting ring, he was dropped.

Two years after Vick’s release from Leavenworth Federal Prison on dog fighting charges, Nike has re-signed Vick.  Some call it the ultimate in redemption.  Others are not so forgiving.

A Facebook campaign has started to Boycott Nike and any other companies who endorse Michael Vick.

Some celebrities have expressed their disapproval of the Vick/Nike relationship via Twitter, according to Carina Adly MacKenzie, bookmakers.

Jenna Dewan, star The Playboy Club tweeted, ”Yes, I do believe in forgiveness, but that does not mean I need to support him as an inspirational figure.”

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush was more animated in her tweeting.

“NIKE just signed Michael Vick!?” she tweeted. “Done. Over. Lost customer. NEVER wearing Nike again. #AnimalAbuseIsUnforgivable. The propensity to be cruel and ruthless toward a defenseless animal is sick, twisted, & unforgivable. #NOTaRoleModel.”

Big Bang theory star Kaley Cuoco posted on her Twitter page, “Dear Nike, I’m disappointed.”

Kaley Cuoco is a Humane Society supporter, and interestingly, Michael Vick has been working with the Humane Society since his prison release, to stop kids in inner city schools from getting involved in dog fighting.

Last week BET on American Football was honored Vick with the “Athlete of the Year” award, sponsored by Subway, so the Facebook campaign is also calling for a boycott of BET as well as Subway.

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