Football Betting

National leagues are extremely important in football. But the top clubs have more ambitions than just the national championship. They also hope to qualify for the Europa League or the Champions League. Of course, the bookmaker pays plenty of attention to these types of tournaments and you can bet fully on this type of football betting. Bet on the winner of the tournament during the season. By making such a bet at an early stage, you can take advantage of relatively high odds. If you prefer to take it to step by step, you can also watch a single match and gamble on it. There are plenty of matches on the program for the top clubs throughout the year. But for the world’s best footballers, it doesn’t stop there. Every two years they also focus on the major championships, such as the World Cup, the European Championship or the Copa América. During these major championships, the number of bets immediately increases significantly. How nice would it be if your own country would get far and if you make money from it at the same time? Now you certainly don’t have to wait to bet until the main tournament starts. Because before that happens, countries must first qualify. These qualifying matches (just like the newly introduced Nations League) can also be found at the bookmakers. This way, you can build up the tension a bit in the run-up to the championship.

1 × 2 bets and more interesting football betting

You can make many different bets in football. Yet there is one bet type that stands out: the 1 × 2 bets. Once you select a league or tournament in the bookmaker’s sportsbook, this is the type of football bet that will immediately appear on your screen. At a glance, you can see the odds of all matches when you bet on a 1 × 2 bet.

With a 1 × 2 bet, you have three options. Will, the home team, win the match (1), will it be a draw (x) or will the visiting club win (2)? The exact position is not important. It’s just about which team goes home with points. You can place many more bets at the bookmakers. Leave that standard 1 × 2 bets aside and gamble, for example, on the number of goals in the first half. Or target one of the two teams and predict how many goals, corners or cards they will receive. A good alternative is betting on the top scorer, the team that scores first, the period in which the goal is scored or the total number of goals. And with that, we have by no means mentioned all bets. You can also exchange the 1 × 2 bets for an over / under or halftime / full-time bet. To challenge yourself (and increase the odds) you can bet with a handicap, such as the Asian or the 3-Way handicap. In both variants, a team gets a virtual lead or behind before the start of the match. Will the top favourite still win if the game starts with a 2-0 deficit? In any case, it creates extra tension when you choose a duel where there is a clear favourite in advance.

Pre-match, live and virtual football betting

No matter how many theories you unleash on a match in advance, it has to happen on the field in those 90 minutes. It is quite frustrating when you have bet with a conviction for a win for the home team when it soon turns out that the team is not in the game. If you choose a pre-match bet, there is nothing you can do about this. You have to take your loss and hope you have better luck next time. Can’t watch your bet get lost? Then choose a live bet. You can still bet money during the entire match. If you bet with a bookmaker with its own live stream, you can watch many matches directly. This way, you can place a bet immediately if you notice that the away team is starting to put a lot of pressure.

With pre-match and live betting, you choose a real match that is played somewhere in the world. That is different when you opt for virtual betting on football. You bet on fictional teams and fictional players. Fortunately, the statistics offer you guidance if you want to gamble on this. Virtual betting is undoubtedly enjoyable if there is no suitable football match at the bookmaker.

Tips for football betting

It is tempting to bet on football for many beginner bettors and bet money on “their” club. But they immediately make a crucial mistake there. Successful punters are not guided by emotions, but by the facts. And it is still difficult as a fanatic supporter to objectively look at the performance of the team. To make a long-term profit from betting on football, you need to take every bet seriously. That means that the statistics are indispensable. Almost all bookmakers have fairly extensive football statistics on the website. Here you can immediately see how the last few mutual duels went and how many goals they score in a match on average. Information about the percentage of possession and the number of cards can also be beneficial. Also, don’t forget to find out if there are any suspensions or injuries. If a top player is eliminated, it can undoubtedly affect the match.

Good preparation helps you get the most out of your bets. Yet it is easy to miss extra profit if you choose the wrong bookmaker. A bookmaker determines the amount of the odds himself. This automatically creates mutual differences. These differences are usually not very big, but the extra amount of winnings can increase considerably after several bets. If you are passionate about betting on football, you will do well to create an account with multiple bookmakers. Make clear agreements with yourself about your gambling budget and the number of your bets. This way, you keep control of all your football betting.

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