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Football betting is the most popular sport to bet on with bookmakers. The Champions League, the European Championship or the Eredivisie: those who want to bet on football have plenty of options. At the significant bookmakers, you can choose from hundreds of different matches every week. And per game, there are dozens of bets you can place. The offer is enormous, especially at the most popular leagues and major tournaments. Even if you’re going for a small Bahrain Premier League game, our selection of the best bookmakers still has an outstanding choice.

The best football bookmakers worldwide












Mr Green


















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Royal Panda



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Mr Play Sport


Let’s talk a little more about bookmakers 

Are you a real fan of online football betting? Then you cannot avoid a bookmaker. These bookmakers regulate everything related to football betting. They create a (hopefully user-friendly) platform, place bets online, determine the odds, share the statistics, take care of the payout and so on. In short, they play an essential role in all facets of football betting. It is, therefore, high time to delve a little more into these online betting offices!

Get to know the bookmaker phenomenon.

A bookmaker is described in dictionaries as “someone with whom you can place bets.” And indeed, it is that simple. Nevertheless, the definition of a bookmaker has changed in recent years. For example, many betting offices in the city have now been replaced or supplemented with an online variant. That means you can access football matches from all over the world in the peace of your own home. Although you can also just place a bet while on the go because all bookmakers have either their own app or a website that is suitable for mobile. Whoever bets with a bookmaker is in fact, competing against the experts of the gambling company. These experts analyze each match based on statistics and all kinds of other computer data. This analysis translates into high or low odds for a bet. It is then up to you to choose an exciting bet, both in terms of odds and odds. This construction distinguishes the bookmaker from a betting exchange. That’s the point of betting between you and another football bet. Either puts the bet online and assigns a value to it. The other bettor can enter the fight by accepting the bet. Therefore, the company behind the betting exchange facilitates a platform on which football betting enthusiasts can find each other. A bookmaker is actively involved in football betting. And with all the bets going online, the bookmaker has a whole day’s job.

Bookmakers bring the entire world of football to your home

The football world has grown a lot thanks to the many online bookmakers. In the days when betting just existed, bookmakers simply looked for a strategic place at the sports field. Enthusiasts could then only bet money on the match that was played on that field. The offer became a lot bigger when many bookmakers moved to offices in the city. Nowadays, it seems as if there is a custom bet for every football fan. This already starts with many competitions and tournaments that can be found on the bookmaker’s online platform. You can bet on the highest divisions of league football and, for example, on the First Division B, 3. Bundesliga or the English Football League 2. Also, online betting offices look beyond Europe alone. You can simply bet on matches from Brazil, South Africa, Qatar, Japan or Australia in the peace of your own home. In addition, the bookmaker offers several betting options for each competition. Especially at the major European leagues, there are often more than a hundred different bets you can place. Online bookmakers really open up the entire football world to you.

Online betting shops have many different tasks

All those football betting online should entice you to bet money. You will of course quickly drop out if you have to squeeze in all sorts of bends to get that bet at the bookmaker at all. That is why these types of online betting offices do everything to make it as easy as possible for you. They ensure that the bets can be found quickly on the (mobile) platform and that all the necessary information is available. This includes all kinds of football statistics and information about the different types of bets. This way, the bookmakers immediately show that they want to compete fairly with you. And trust is essential when you are looking for a new betting platform. The statistics offered by the bookmakers are (as far as possible) always up to date. You can even expect real-time statistics for live football matches. You can read from minute to minute what is happening on the field so that you know precisely when a dangerous attack is coming or the referee awards a free-kick. Although various bookmakers show the explicit images of a match via a live stream. In addition to providing information, the bookmakers ensure that all practical matters are arranged. For example, once you place a bet, they automatically process it in the system. You don’t even need to take action if your prediction turns out to be correct. The bookmaker deposits the money directly into your account. Finally, bookmakers also take responsibility when it comes to gambling addiction. They provide information and set limits to protect you and possible against financial problems as a result of football betting. So a lot is going on behind the scenes at the online bookmakers.

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