The Eredivisie is the most important football competition in the Netherlands. Eighteen teams compete every year for the title, for tickets to the Champions League, for the play-offs for European football and of course not to be relegated. Everyone can beat anyone.

Online betting on the Dutch Eredivisie football

Gambling on the Eredivisie and predicting the matches is no longer done via those paper Toto notes from the past. You can now simply view and compare all odds from the bookmakers on your phone to decide where the odds are favourable and bet on matches. And moreover with more possibilities than just predicting the games. Everything from your comfortable chair or only from the couch in front of the TV. Or even from the stadium!

Football betting on the Dutch Eredivisie football league

Football betting comes in all shapes and sizes. You can try to predict the champion or bet on the winner of a particular match. You can also bet on statistics of the game itself, such as the number of yellow and red cards, the number of goals, the first throw-in, and you name it. Online betting on the Eredivisie also makes it possible to bet live, so that you can use the course of the match to your advantage!

Betting tips Eredivisie

The more you know, the better you can predict the proportions on the field. The most successful forecasters often know everything about the clubs. How they are doing, whether they are in shape, how many goals they score, etc. Most bookmakers, therefore, provide comprehensive previews of all matches. So that you can also be aware of all the critical statistics. Do you want to be able to win more with your bets? Then combine them so that the odds are multiplied!

Predict the best Eredivisie matches at the bookmakers

Do you want to bet on the Eredivisie matches of your favourite club? Check out the overview below and discover everything you need to know to make a successful bet!

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