Serie A

Serie A

Italian clubs always leave a clear mark on European football tournaments. The Champions League? An Italian club was in the final almost thirty times. And the Europa League? In the past, Italian football teams were also able to achieve great success there. But before clubs can focus on European football, they first have to perform well in Serie A. And that Serie A guarantees many interesting bets. Follow the city derby between AC Milan and Inter Milan and predict which team will score first. Or immerse yourself in the national championship and ask yourself whether Napoli, AS Roma or Juventus, will succeed in winning the title. Serie A has plenty of interesting bets for anyone who loves Italian football!

Serie A is a football competition with scandals, but overall lots of real passion

Serie A is one of the bigger leagues in Europe. If you watch the weekly Serie A matches, you will see star players such as Mauri Icardi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ciro Immobile and Andrea Belotti. Many champions have now been honoured in Italian football history. That cannot be otherwise, because Serie A dates back to 1929/1930. For this very first Serie A season, Italian football was divided into regional leagues, with the great champion eventually being determined in a final round. This Prima Categoria produced a number of well-known champions. Because clubs such as Juventus and Inter Milan already participated in this competition. Despite this, the Italians thought it was high time to professionalise domestic football. In the 1929/1930 season, the time had come: the start of the Serie A.

The Italian Serie A has many highs, but also many lows. Few European football leagues have so many problems and scandals. Clubs declared bankrupt or match-fixing scandals: it all happened in the history of Serie A. Yet the Italian league is best known for its passion and enthusiasm. Emotions often run high, especially with the many city derbies. Hopefully, you will be able to keep your cool when you bet on Serie A.

The big clubs of the Italian Serie A.

Rome, Milan and Turin are the home bases of the most famous clubs from the Italian Serie A. In recent years, it is mainly the Turin Juventus that has won one national title after another. But don’t underestimate clubs like AC Milan, Inter Milan and AS Roma. They make things quite difficult for Turins every year. And what about Napoli? A national title was not there for the club from Naples in recent years, but with the many second and third places, placement for the Champions League was no problem at all.

The interesting thing about the Italian Serie A is that the level difference between the top clubs is not very big. Juventus has of course stood out in recent years (especially since Cristiano Ronaldo is under contract), but many other clubs are not inferior to each other. In a match between AC Milan and AS Roma or between Inter Milan and Lazio it can really go in any direction. And that is very interesting for a bet (and of course for the odds). In Serie A there is no question of “the big two” as in La Liga or “the big three” as in the Eredivisie. The Italian league has a relatively long list of big names, and these clubs make for an exciting football season every time.

Serie A: 38 rounds of football excitement

The battle for the national championship has gripped Italy for 38 rounds. There are twenty clubs that have a chance to win the title at the start of the season. They are not so much competing for a big cup or a championship bowl. They are mainly concerned with that coveted scudetto. The national champion can wear this small shield with the Italian flag on the shirt for the entire next football season. This fine tradition has been going on since the beginning of Serie A.

A season in Serie A differs little from a season in the other major European competitions. Serie A starts in August and usually runs until the end of May. Games are scheduled almost every week, with the exception of the winter break. Each club fights its own battle during those 38 rounds. Teams that are in the lower part of the rankings do everything they can to achieve at least seventeenth place. The three bottom clubs are relegated directly to Serie B. There is better news for the top 6 in the league because they can prepare themselves for European football next season. In Serie A, there are four places to be earned for the group stage of the Champions League and two for the group stage / preliminary round of the Europa League. Which clubs are allowed to enter Europe and which clubs just miss a ticket? With many bookmakers, you can simply bet on this.

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