Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp in Croky Cup Belgium

This Wednesday, Club Brugge and Royal Antwerp compete in the Croky Cup. This match from the eighth-finals is a replay of the final of last season. Then RAFC was too strong for Club Brugge. Who will be victorious in this match? Predict the results and score the best deals for the Belgian Cup match Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp FC via Football Betting!

Statistics Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp

In the past rounds, Club Brugge and Royal Antwerp had to compete against clubs from lower classes. Club Brugge had no trouble at home with Olsa Brakel: 6-1. Antwerp had a lot more problem with RAAL La Louviere. Only in the 75th minute the 2-1 lead was achieved against the Walloon formation from the second amateur division.

Yet RAFC is certainly not without a chance according to the Belgian betting offices. The formation is doing fine this season in the Europa League. Also, in the Pro League, it holds its own: Antwerp is second behind Club Brugge. However, the backlog is enormous: fourteen points. Club Brugge has not yet lost the entire calendar year and seems to be on the way to grab all the prizes in Belgium.

Odds Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp

The Belgian bookmakers, therefore, dare to go far with the pre-odds. Profit from Blauw-Zwart is only worth x1.63 times your stake. Still good for more than sixteen euros if you bet ten euros on the home team.
Will cup holder Antwerp run off with the flowers? Then the bookies have to dig deep into their pockets. On average, a winning bet on RAFC is worth x4.65 times your stake in the traditional 1 × 2 game system.

A draw is also worth a hefty amount! Suppose it is only decided on Wednesday evening after regular playing time to make it through to the last eight. In that case, online football gamblers will score no less than x4.00 the number of euros wagered!

Bookies on Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp

Firm odds are available for “Double Chance and Both Teams To Score” mode. For example, at various bookmakers, you score x2.02 times your stake if both teams score, Club Brugge wins or if it ends in a draw. Will both teams score, and there will be no extra time? Then a bet on this is worth x2.36 times your stake.
A draw or win from RAFC combined with both teams’ goals is worth x3.25 times your stake in this mode. Do you think that Club Brugge wins or ends in a draw, but that Antwerp does not score? Then play this and get the perfect amount of x2.64 times your playing amount back if this is correct. Check out our bookmakers page for all the pre-odds for this mode! There are countless options to increase your chances of winning and make the bonuses punish!

Football betting on Croky Cup match

Score in Football Betting with a winning bet on Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp. Here you will find the best deals on this Belgian cup top match! Are you already playing? The Croky Cup match Club Brugge – Royal Antwerp is scheduled for Wednesday 10 February and starts at 8:45 PM on Jan Breydel. Bet before the match begins or score your winning prediction during live (and mobile) betting on this match! Check out all betting options on our bookmaker page!

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