Liverpool with little confidence in Europe

As mentioned, confidence is at a low point at The Reds, which is not really the best time for the English footballers to prepare for a tough European match. Also, they play the first leg at RB Leipzig, which also does not precisely cooperate for a much-needed boost.

“hungry for victories”

The German football formation Red Bull Leipzig will therefore play the first match on home soil. The team has been in good shape for months and are still hungry for victories in the brutal fight against Bundesliga greats Bayern Munich.

Besides, the Germans realize that now is the right time to claim a famous victory over one of Champions League history’s most successful teams. A win against a team like Liverpool will undoubtedly bring extra motivation for the football club from Leipzig.

Much potential for Red Bull Leipzig

Red Bull Leipzig is not inexperienced in the Champions League itself and managed to push through to the semi-finals of the million ball last season under Julian Nagelsmann. An excellent performance, and it shows once again how much potential there is in the German team. A logical expectation is that this first match between RB Leipzig against Liverpool should be awarded to the home team. Although the bookmakers themselves think otherwise. Liverpool is simply a favourite with a quotation of x 2.27 at A prediction of winnings for Leipzig will give you more than three times (!) Your bet, namely with odds of x 3.05 at the bookmaker. Will it remain undecided between Leipzig and Liverpool this Tuesday evening? With the highest-rated odds of x 3.60, you grab the highest possible win amount when placing a 1 × 2 bet.

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