Europa League match: Ajax Amsterdam – OSC Lille

Ajax will play the Europa League return against Lille on Thursday. The team from Amsterdam won 1-2 in France and hope to maintain that lead at least in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Ajax Amsterdam – OSC Lille will determine who will advance to the last sixteen in the UEFA Europa League. Will Ajax soon be in the draw for the draw? Last week Ajax booked a nice 1-2 victory in and against Lille in the first meeting. It did not look like that by any means. Although the team from Amsterdam had a field predominance, they could not express this in the score, despite a number of great opportunities. In the 72nd minute, Lille also took the lead and the team from Amsterdam seemed to have to return home with a defeat. In the 87th minute, Dusan Tadic managed to equalize from an (easily given) penalty and two minutes later it was Brian Brobbey who even managed to shoot in the winning goal. In this way, Ajax escaped a defeat but given the course of the match that was a fair result.

Dutch Eredivisie football

Ajax also came through unscathed last weekend. The team of trainer Erik ten Hag did not have to make too much effort against Sparta and won quite easily against Sparta 4-2. The team is therefore working towards next Thursday quite relaxed. However, the same also applies to Lille. The French team won quite easily with 4-1 against Lorient and therefore still leads the league table of Ligue 1 in France.

Ajax Amsterdam – OSC Lille: Ajax on guard

Despite the victory, however, Ajax will have to be wary of the leader of the French Ligue 1. One goal is enough for them to reach the eighth-finals. And Erik ten Hag’s team escaped that scenario in the previous encounter. What also does not help, is in all probability the absence of the duo Noussair Mazraoui and Nicolas Tagliafico for health reasons.

Erik ten Hag: “Fought back after falling behind”

Trainer Erik ten Hag is therefore still far from rich against Lille: “In the first match, we showed excellent field play and the team fought back on the character after the gap. But the return will be quite a fight. It is not without reason that they are at the top in France. ”

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